July 26, 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This historic occasion calls for national celebration, and the Minnesota State Council on Disability (MSCOD), along with the generous support of project partners, is leading the charge in Minnesota.

Established in 1973 by the state legislature, MSCOD was created to advise the governor, state agencies, state legislature, and the public on disability issues. It is MSCOD’s mission to advocate for policies and programs in the public and private sectors that advance the civil rights of Minnesotans with disabilities.

MSCOD received a grant through the Legacy Amendment’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, which is being used in partnership with the disability community to bring you a series of important initiatives and events which are intended to:

  • Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ADA.
  • Raise awareness of the disability culture in Minnesota.
  • Celebrate Minnesota’s role in the passage of the ADA, the cornerstone civil rights law for the disability community.


Activities include:

  • Conducting a public opinion survey and research relating to employment and the disability community.
  • Coordinating a Family Day celebration on July 26 in partnership with the Minnesota History Center.
  • Working in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) to produce a documentary film.
  • Hosting a statewide celebration / training conference on October 28, which includes a career fair.


Through the 25th Anniversary activities, MSCOD and its project partners strive to:

  • Encourage Minnesotans to recognize the importance of the disability community and culture.
  • Help Minnesota employers gain greater understanding of the barriers to employment people with disabilities face, and the unique talents, strengths and abilities people with disabilities bring to the workplace.
  • Share a more complete picture of the Americans with Disabilities Act with Minnesotans, and its 25-year impact on our community.


On this web site you’ll find extensive information about upcoming events, ADA history, and recent news pertaining to the ADA and the disability community.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact us.

More information about the Legacy Fund can be found at http://www.legacy.leg.mn.

Legacy Funds for the 25th Anniversary of the ADA were appropriated to MSCOD and are administered by the Humanities Center. Learn more about the Humanities Center at http://www.minnesotahumanities.org.